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18 Jul 2018
Joanna’s Pigmentation Testimonial

When I got into my 30s the pigmentation areas started to spread and grow darker, making me look older. I tried a lot of skin care treatments and products but none of them really helped. I was very surprised that after just 1 treatment with VL my skin was much brighter and smoother and the...

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18 Jul 2018
Louise’s Pigmentation Testimonial

I’ve had pigmentation problems since the age of 10. While working abroad the hot weather made it worse. After 3 treatments at VL I noticed a massive difference and am over the moon!

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11 May 2018
Rachel’s Acne Scars Testimonial

I’ve had very bad deep acne scars and have been to sooo many dermatologists. VL Aesthetics has helped me the most by far. Thank you so much!!

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10 May 2018
Mark’s Burns Testimonial

I have burns up and down my arms from the large industrial oven I use at work. VL Aesthetics have made them look much better. Thank you all.

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09 May 2018
Jane’s Acne Scars Testimonial

I tried loads of different things to remove the acne scarring but nothing seemed to work. After just 1 SkinPen treatment at VL Aesthetics my scarring got much much better. It took about 3 days for the skin to clear but the difference was very visible. Very happy and can’t wait for my next treatment!!!

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08 May 2018
Jennifer Aniston’s Derma Stamping Testimonial

I do micro-needling! I just learned about it a couple months ago from a facialist in New York. It allows the serums and whatever products you’re using to really soak in

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30 Apr 2018
Alan’s Wrinkles Testimonial

Even after the first treatment I could see a huge improvement. The wrinkles on my forehead look tighter and smoother. I am very happy so far and looking forward to the rest of my treatments. Highly recommended

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