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Boost your natural lashes – Add length, volume, and lift

About LVL® Lashes

Loved by A-list celebrities and makeup artists (think Michelle Keegan and Lisa Eldridge), the LVL® Lash Lift straightens your natural eyelashes from the root, giving your lashes Length, Volume, and Lift. There are various levels of lift to suit your style, and because we add a lash tint at the final stage, it will look as though you’re always wearing mascara. Key features include:

  • A striking but natural look
  • Various levels of lift to suit your style
  • Long lasting (last 6 – 8 weeks)
  • No damage to your natural eyelashes
  • Little maintenance is required
  • No need for mascara

20% OFF For New Customers: Was £52, Now £41.60 Only

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20% OFF For New Customers: Was £52, Now £41.60 Only

Correct application of LVL® Lashes requires a lot of skill and practise. Our beauty therapists have over 10 years of experience working in 5* resorts, luxurious spas, and high-end salons.

We charge £49 for a full set of individual lashes which last 6-8 weeks. The treatment is approximately 60 minutes long.

Feel free to come and have a look around our state of the art facilities before you book. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

The lifetime of the treatment depends on your lifestyle and on the growth cycle of your natural eyelashes. In general, LVL® Lashes tend to last 6-8 weeks.

Unlike a traditional Lash Perm, which dries out your lashes and weakens them, the LVL® Lash Lift leaves your eyelashes healthy and undamaged.

LVL® Lashes also tend to last longer than a traditional Lash Perm - A traditional Lash Perm lasts about 4 weeks, while LVL® Lashes 6-8 weeks.

The LVL® Lash Lift lasts approximately 1 hour and involves the following.

Firstly, we will cleanse your eyelashes to remove any oils. We will then apply a shield over your bottom eyelashes to protect them from the products, and we’ll apply a silicon shield to your upper eyelids.

Next, we’ll gently comb your upper lashes so that they stick evenly to the shield on your upper eyelids. Once in the correct place, we will carefully apply a special perming lotion to the eyelash roots. The perming lotion is left on for 10 minutes during which time you can lie back and relax.

After removing the perming gel, we’ll apply a neutraliser and leave it for 5 minutes. We’ll then apply an eyelash tint before gently removing the shields with a special LVL® moisturising serum.

One of the biggest appeals of the LVL® Lash Lift is that it requires little to no upkeep. However, the first 48 hours post-treatment do require a little bit of TLC and special attention, as your lashes are still getting used to their new shape.

As such, for the first 48 hours, please:

  • Try not to get your lashes wet - If you are showering or taking a bath, avoid submerging your face fully in the bath or putting it directly under the shower head.
  • Completely avoid visiting saunas, steam rooms, and sunbeds (the high temperatures can cause your lashes to drop).
  • Try to avoid touching or rubbing your eye area, especially when you are washing or cleansing your face.
  • Try to sleep on your back - Facing down on the pillow or sleeping to one side could change the shape of your lashes.
  • Don’t wear mascara.
  • Use our recommended serum.

Yes, a patch test is required 24 hours before you have the treatment.

Even if you’ve had a patch test in another salon, for safety reasons we will still ask you to perform a patch test with us 24 hours before your first appointment.

No, the LVL® Lash Lift uses products that leave your eyelashes healthy and undamaged.

The LVL® Lash Lift includes a tinting stage at the end which makes it look like you’re always wearing mascara.

However, if you still choose to wear mascara, try and use one with a water-based formula, and avoid waterproof varieties.

We also recommend that you avoid all oil-based products, especially make-up remover.

Remember to brush your lashes through with a clean mascara wand after getting them wet to ensure that they dry naturally in their correct shape.

Yes, but try to avoid your eye area and, in general, try to avoid all oil-based products (especially make-up remover).

Not at all, in fact most people enjoy the experience as you can lie back and relax for a whole hour!

Please arrive without any mascara or eye makeup to ensure the best results.

Why VL Aesthetics?

For over 10 years we’ve been providing exceptional beauty treatments for people in Cumbria. Here’s why 1000s of people have chosen VL Aesthetics:

  • 10 Years in Carlisle
  • Fantastic beauty therapists with over 10 years of experience each
  • Luxurious modern facilities in a private setting, with lots of free parking space
  • 9/10 in national awards
  • 5 star review rating with over 1500 5-star reviews
  • A wide range of advanced cosmetic procedures, modern beauty treatments, and innovative wellbeing services
  • Known for our professional and friendly approach

20% OFF For New Customers: Was £52, Now £41.60 Only

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Located just outside of the town centre on Kingmoor Road, we are very easy to get to and have lots of free parking space – We’re on the left past Austin Friars School heading towards Rockliffe, or if you’re coming of the bypass on Kingmoor Road (East) roundabout follow the sign for Etterby under the low bridge and we’re ¼ of a mile on the right.